The site is designed to help you go on an adventure using your mobile phone. You pick an adventure and then you'll be guided through a series of spots, which depend on choices you make as you go.

As you travel between spots there may also be things to notice along the way.

Adventures are sometimes designed to unfold in secret ways, but that's not for everyone, so you can sometimes click a "peek" button like this to reveal what's ahead.

What to click

Generally look for the green buttons such as this Go if it's not clear what to click next. These usually guide you to the next spot, and are most often on the right-hand side for easy access from your mobile phone.


In the upper right hand corner you'll always see a button which will bring up a menu.

In the upper left hand corner you'll see a logo like this CityScout which you can click to reach the Home Screen.


A spot is the term we use for a place, though it could be a business, a site, a monument, or even just a virtual step in an adventure.

Be sure to scroll down to see the extra Tips, Puzzles, and Images that have been left by your fellow adventurers.


When moving from spot to spot, you travel along a "leg" of your journey. There may be text suggesting a best route, or other interesting notes and comments about things to see along the way.

About CityScout

Help Tips

Did you know:
  • You can login with your facebook account. On the front page, look for Facebook.
  • There's often a Peek icon to let you choose to reveal something, like the next spot on an adventure
  • You can add your own spots and tips and comments to adventures.