Looking for users who love to discover new places? You've come to the right place! We've been catering to adventure loving urban ninjas since 1994, and CityScout is a new fun way to reach people both locally and on their phones; and also through our weekly emails when they're planning their weekends.

We have several great opportunities for reaching new customers (a) advertising along the bottom mobile bar of our adventures in general (b) advertising on a specific adventure or style of adventure, and (c) on a spot or leg or geographic vicinity to target people in the area.


We provide a monthly sponsorship opportunity for supporting an adventure or spot. You get to appear on the main overview page for a particular adventure, and at the end page.

Front-Page, Inset-Image Full Image ad appears in the panel below the main controls and "nearby spot" before the user's feed (image size 300x200) $300/month
Front-Page, Desktop, Tower Desktop only: Full column image ad appears on the right hand side (image size 150x600) $90/week
Front-Page, Desktop, Image-Box Desktop only: Image box on the right hand side, if no tower ad running (image size 150x100) $90/month
Mobile Footer, Image Fixed mobile ad appearing on the bottom of pages (image 320x50) $49/month
Adventure/Spot Sponsor, Image Full Image Ad appears on Adventure Overview or Spot page. $190/month
Adventure/Spot Sponsor, Text Image and Text ad: 64x64px image along side room for approximately 12 words. $49/month

Weekly Emails

Do you have an event to promote? Our weekly email goes out Thursday to help folks who are planning their fun for the weekends. A sponsorship here provides you with a sentence and a link (the email is mainly text, around 200 words). These ads run for two to three weeks before the event depending on the timing and availability. The weekly emails are also reposted on our Facebook page, and the site blog.

Contact Us

Talking to us is best! We're very flexible.

Email us Call (415) 579-1619


Example Inset-Image

Inset Image 300x200

Example Text

img 64x64

Approximately 12 words fit in this advertisement slot. And a call to action

img 64x64

Approximately 12 words fit in this advertisement slot. And a call to action