Our Story

Hello there,

Ever discovered something new and awesome about a place you used to just pass every day? Like to wander around and discover new things? Ever go to a new city and want to feel what it's like to live there? We know that feeling.

We've been running NY.com, "Your Personal Guide to New York", since 1993, and always felt like there was a great opportunity to build something like City Scout, but back then it wasn't so easy to build it.

Since we started way back then, we've all gotten smart phones, Google maps works now, and Facebook has proven the value of social networks.

We hope that you enjoy and extend the Adventures here, and discover awesome things whether you're a native or a visitor. Our goal is connect you with friends and the city to get the most out of life.

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Carpe Diem,
- Charles, Andy, and the rest...


A BIG thanks to all the opensource tech that goes into building services like this:
  • Django: The (python) web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.
  • Bootstrap Web design framework.
  • Glyph Icons for providing so many great little icons to the Bootstrap community.